Ashley Evans


Joined In May 2021

About Me

Are you feeling challenged, overwhelmed, or having trouble coping? Are you ready to take that giant leap and reclaim control of your life? You've come to the best place! I would be honored to be a part of your passage of healing, empowerment, health, and to help you regain control of your life regardless of the challenges you find yourself facing. Through active collaboration, we will establish a safe environment for you to uncover, label, and process your emotions. Together, we will journey toward your best self so that you can victoriously overcome those inner struggles that seem impossible to conquer. ​ I am an intuitive trauma-informed master healing practitioner and business wellness coach. As a clinical practitioner, I have extensive experience and training working with individuals who wrestle with substance abuse, experienced trauma, and many other severe, persistent mental illnesses using trauma-based and somatic interventions and holistic healing techniques. I specialize in helping BIPOC and multiracial/multicultural individuals, couples, and families, who have suffered intergenerational and systemic trauma heal and thrive. I treat a myriad of disorders including but not limited to PTSD, anxiety, attachment difficulty, and depression. As a business wellness coach, I specialize in working with BIPOC women ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship to enhance their overall quality of life and transcend to their highest calling. ​ Give me a call to schedule a complimentary consultation session to discuss your needs and goals. I look forward to meeting you and exploring ways to turn your dreams and goals into reality. Please note that all sessions are conducted via telehealth.




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