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Hey there! Please sit down and get cozy. Not something you hear a lot, huh? Sometimes, we don't give ourselves permission to do so based on things we heard growing up, especially as black women! You're likely overwhelmed by having difficulty showing up in healthy relationships. You're probably beaten down by the critic in your head who says you're not a good enough friend, daughter, coworker, or life partner. Who is this voice? Is it your father? I'm Christian Jackson, THE Daddy Issues Expert. My specialty is helping black women feel safe enough to face their traumatic experiences in a healthy way. At some point, I started to see a pattern among the women I treat: doubt, shame, trust issues, poor decision making, and lack of self-love, to name a few. My mission with the Daddy Issues Movement is not only to help you see you're not alone, but to break the stigma that comes with being a woman "with Daddy Issues". I've done the personal work and have been offering a system to women with this type of emotional trauma for years as a therapist. I'm so excited to offer this packaged as a gift for you! My book, Daddy Issues: How to Detangle from the Sins of our Fathers and its workbook by the same name, are about the struggle of dealing with why we keep running into the brick walls in life. Are you tired of living up to someone else's standards? Ready to know the root causes? Want to transcend Daddy Issues? Start your healing journey with me and a tribe you can connect with right here as you tend to your inner, unhealed diva within. It’s your time! Take it a step further! Ask me about the Daddy Issues Healing Circle, the LIVE group I lead over 8 weeks with women who want real-time guidance and a safe space with others who want healing! visit

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